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Date 18 May 2560

Playingcard Factory was established according to the Act of Playingcard B.E.2481 on 1st July 2481 under government sector, the Excise Department. Later on the Ministry of Finance agreed to let the Playingcard Factory to be a state enterprise and issued the regulations of the Ministry of Finance on Playingcard Factory's Establishment, the Excise Department B.E.2535 that the Playingcard Factory is a state enterprise, not a juristic person since 1st January B.E.2535 onwards.

It is administrated under the policies issued by the Board Committee of Playingcard Factory which includes a director-general of the Excise Department or an assigned vice-director-general as the President, a vice-director-general as the vice-president, a representative of the Ministry of Finance as a committee, the director of the Playingcard Factory as a committee and a secretary by position, and other members not less than 3 people as committees. The total number shall be up to 11 people.

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